You Matter.

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I really did not know what to say today.  I went for a walk.  I went for a drive and then came back to the office to get back to the grind.  I did a quick check of the news and really just felt an overwhelming sadness.

There is far too much hate out there today.  I hate you because of this.  I hate you because of that.  I like this group of people because they hate the same things I do.  I hate Republicans; I hate Democrats.  We really don’t even have to venture into the world of hate that exists around race, religion and any number of other fun topics.  Our world seems to be focusing more and more on hating people than it does on making it a better place.

I have two kids and might have more.  I do not like the state of things…so I have to do something.  I will start small.  I will start with them and with you.

I don’t hate you.

You matter!