You Have Permission to Succeed

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This past weekend, I celebrated a birthday.  It was great, and I am not worried about being another year older.  Life moves on and there are amazing adventures ahead.  You have adventures coming as well.  We both do.  We all want to be better, do better and change something. It might be our career, our finances, drop some bad relationships and trade them out for some new ones.  I do not know what it is, but you have a right to do that.

The point became real to me this weekend as I was going for a drive.  My wife purchased me a weekend at a cabin in the woods for a writing getaway.  I chance for 3 days to spark imagination, queue curiosity or get my thoughts in order.  It was a perfect gift for me because I am a person that puts my family first.  Weekends are recharge as a family time.  No matter how much I want to lock myself in a room, or how many times, I have been told “Go write!” there is always something that pulls and tugs at me and says no.

So I do my writing daily on lunch breaks and edit in little breaks here and there as the day allows.  This gift, though, was permission to disconnect from the family for a little bit.  This gift allowed me to give myself permission to be ok being disconnected from everything and focusing on my writing.

We all need to feel this.  We need to know that it is ok, to chase our own dreams and focus on our hopes and goals.  We need to know that it is ok to be successful.  So often we get in the trap of feeling like we are not allowed to succeed when we see all those struggling around us.  Why?

Why don’t you deserve success?  It doesn’t mean that you do not still have empathy for others.  Success does not make you bad, or evil…it makes you successful.  That’s it.  If you want to help others, you have to be successful…somehow.  You have to give yourself permission to chase after those things when your heart and your head don’t always agree.  You have permission to succeed…and fail!  You have permission to learn and be great!

So stop beating yourself up over wanting more.  Go put in the WORK!  You have permission to eat all the fruits of your labor.  Get out there!  Work!  Succeed!