You Are On Your Way…

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I have been in a funk for the past couple days.  Maybe it was too much Fourth of July ice cream or maybe just not enough rest.  I work several jobs and did not want to go to any of them.  I did not want to touch the kettlebell this week.  Just being honest with everyone.  So I went on a hunt for some motivation.  I went on a quest for the holy grail known as mojo.

I played my “get pumped” music and fell asleep!

I listened to my favorite motivational speaker scream about “Thank God It’s Monday” and said hurry up Friday.

I looked for videos to inspire and books to move me and nothing really did it.

Nothing made me feel good about myself or what I do on a regular basis.  Nothing helped me to have pride in what I do, day in and day out.  I was met with constant reminders that there is always more to do and that you will never get the credit, thanks or support that you deserve.  That is just the reality.

But then slowly, I decided that I was going to shift my thinking.  And I found this in my archives…hadn’t watched it yet, so I clicked play

And I was reminded that it really isn’t about all those things that bring me down from time to time.  I don’t do this because I deserve credit.  I don’t do this so that other people will follow me or be on the same path.  I do it because, believe it or not, your trainer is a teacher and it’s about you finding your way.  It’s about you learning something new and growing into a healthier person, both physically and emotionally.

And so I listened as Rita Pierson shared her tale of a student taking a quiz and getting 18 out of 20 questions wrong.  She tells of writing a +2 and a smiley face on the paper…and when the student asks about the smiley face, she re-assures him, that a +2 means you are on your way.  You didn’t miss them all and we will review and you will get better.  She understands that when you focus on everything that is wrong, you take the life out of people…when you focus on where they are at and what they are doing right…you encourage them to keep growing.  To actually see the wrong answers as opportunities to learn as opposed to challenges and failures.

And so I come back to the barbell and life as a coach, life as an IT professional, business owner and life as a parent.  None of us have it all figured out, none of us are perfect.  In fact most of us would celebrate the end of the day if we got a +2 and a smiley face…because we are all on our way.  We can all get better and grow.  We all will make mistakes, but we are not failures!