Work Hard…You Have a Right To Succeed

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A little more fired up this morning.  Got some good sleep last night, some coffee in the tank and am getting things done this morning.  Got back into the gym early today and that is always nice!  So here we go…

You have a right to succeed.  Soak that in.  Read it slowly…


You do.  Don’t listen to all the noise that is out there in the world today about everyone deserving everything.  The world has gotten soft and entitled.  You have a right to succeed and be successful, but that is not a guarantee by any measure.  But you are entitled to your success if you put in the WORK!

If you don’t work, you are not entitled to anything.  If you do not try, you have a right to fail and no one should be expected to tell you “good job” or “maybe next time”.  If you do not do anything, then the reward is nothing.  But work, put in consistent effort to get from point A to point B and you will get something.  You will learn, you will grow and you might end up making a name for yourself.

You might make some money, you might find your passion and find your calling in life, but you will succeed somehow.

I get frustrated with society these days.  I was raised on hard work, setting out to do something and working until it was done.  I would stay up late to get things done.  I got up early to get things done and I took responsibility when I failed to get it done.  I hate excuses.

But I also hate seeing someone feel guilty because they are successful.  I hate seeing people feel like they made a mistake by getting somewhere in this world or in this life.  STOP!  If you worked hard, put in the time and effort and didn’t just ride the coattails of someone else, then you have a right to your success.  Don’t feel guilty about getting ahead.

If the people around you make you feel guilty for getting somewhere in life, surround yourself with different people who want to see you get bigger and better.  Surround yourself with people who help you realize that there is no mountaintop of success, just a longer journey to continue to grow!  Leave nothing in the tank.  Bust your butt day in and day out to be your own version of successful.

And OWN that!  Be proud of it!

Take some sort of action and own it.  Be willing to take the wrong action, but do not remain silent and cower in the corner afraid to try something.  Some things will fail…deal with it!  Some things will succeed…deal with it!  Stand up and take that first step and start working.

Want to clean up your diet, get in the pantry and throw out the things that you know shouldn’t be there.  Have a bonfire and burn those calories.  Feel the burn!

Want to get in shape.  Don’t buy a treadmill, get a friend and make a date with them to go run everyday or show up at a gym and learn to lift (better yet…do both!).  Get outside, get accountable and get moving.  Put in the work!  Start and then just keep moving.

Want to start a business, then start learning how to go about that.  Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start…find out what you need to get started and get there.  It will never be perfect; there will always be one more thing that you need to do.  So get to the edge of that cliff and jump…trust your wings and fly.  And keep doing that every day and embrace the challenges and the journey that you are now on!

You have a right to the hard work and the success that comes with it!