Who Am I?

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I am not better than anyone.

I am not worse than anyone.

I am me.  I am a husband that loves his wife.  She deserves the sun, stars and moon.

I am a father who demands the best for his little girls.  That means I expect a lot of them and those that will enter into their lives.  Just know that up front.

I will go through hell for the one’s that I love…and hell will kick me out.

Yes, I can help you with your business.  Yes, I am a loyal employee and loyal person.  Hurt me, and I take it.  No one will break me!  I can take the fact that you need to feel superior.  That’s ok, I will help you anyway.

Yes, I can teach you about the clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift and how to get stronger.  I can get you stronger and teach you how to walk on your hands, double under and have the prettiest toes-to-bar.

I also can help you with whatever you are dealing with.  I care enough to make sure you are ok, and tell you to put just a little bit of that burden on my shoulders.  I will carry it for a while, until you are ready to take it back.  Or when you figure out you don’t need it anymore…I will bury it.

Or maybe I will make you face it.  I will make you stare down your weaknesses and tackle them.  That is who I am.  It is not my job, it is my nature.  It is me.

There is not another me and there never will be.  I embrace my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses.

I am not better than anyone.

I am not worse than anyone.

I am just me!