Where Do I Start?

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This past week, I sat down with one of my fellow coaches (check out his website here) and we were discussing programming.  We explored the growth of CrossFit and more importantly the growth of the CrossFit athlete.  We discussed the different philosophies that are used when training for general fitness and those used for our more advanced athlete.  It was a great time, but it got me to think a little about that person that is just starting and the age old question about “Where do I start?”

This question is usually followed by or a rehashing of the “I have to get in better shape before I can start doing that, don’t I?”

My, slightly rhetorical, question back at you would be, “Can you do that?”

I do not mean that to come across as derogatory, but if you are able to get yourself to a higher level of fitness, why are you out shopping for a gym.  Again, I do not mean that as rude, but simply making a point that the best place to start is by committing and signing up.

The best place to start is by simply making a decision within yourself to commit.  Everything that stops you from getting starting and moving towards a new healthier you, is an excuse or fear.

Whether you lean on it being too expensive, not enough time, or the fact that you are out of shape, then you don’t really want to get healthier.  It is not just about the working out, it is everything that goes with becoming a better and healthier you.  So where do you start, you stop listening to the voice that keeps wanting to maintain the current status quo.  That is where you start.

One of the best lines that my fellow coach said during our recording was this…”When you commit to being healthy be prepared to spend money on 2 things…your training and your nutrition.  Everything else is just fluff”.  And he is right.  You need to be willing to invest in yourself.  If that means NOT having a smartphone, give up the smartphone.  If it means hiring a personal trainer, go for it, make that commitment.  If it means getting someone else to go with you, great all the better…take care of your friends as well.

So the simplest answer to “Where do I start?”

You start by telling yourself you are worth it and you can do it!