When It Was Simpler…Fun

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There was a time when CrossFit was about the challenge.  It was about pushing yourself to be better each and every day.  It was about you vs. you and conquering new challenges.  There was a time when the workout itself was simpler.

You walked in and there it was 1 workout.  Not a three part algebraic equation of strength cycles, mobility work, a metcon and then the notion to slam your recovery drink of choice (only to later debate about which one is better).  It was simple.  Two or three movements on most days…something brutal like a Filthy 50 every once in a while.

I won’t call those times better, just simpler.  It was a time of just you and a barbell or you and your body.  Cleans. Burpees. Snatch. Pullup. Deadlift. Squat.  That was a foundation and it was raw.  It was lift heavy, move fast and be proud.

I sometimes catch myself missing those days.  Not because I don’t love what CrossFit and functional fitness has evolved into, but because it was easier to measure progress and progress was measured the same way you worked out.  There were minimal debates about Wendler vs. Conjugate vs. Invictus to get you ready.

You just did.

If you were like me, maybe it was the first time you really performed an Olympic Lift, maybe first time you touched a barbell or kettlebell at all.  And you loved it.  You felt the thrill of moving a heavy load a large distance.  You embraced the sound of the bar crashing to the ground after a successful (or failed) attempt.  You felt the adrenaline as you knew today there is only one work out.  There is no B or C…just A.

Crush A.

There is nothing to save yourself for.  Crush A.  There is no metcon after the lift for you to save yourself for.  Crush A.

Today’s programs, progressions and methods are most definitely better, but sometimes you don’t want better.  Sometimes you want to be a little reckless…ride that bike without a helmet, drive with the top down and not a care in the world.  You look back and miss the days where all you had to do was Crush A.

And Just for fun…the most epic clean and jerk you will ever watch!