What’s Next ?!?!

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Now that the turkey hangovers are done and life is getting back to normal for most people or the chaos of the holiday season is starting to roll in, I am already thinking about what is up next for the Barbell Poet.

My initial answer is to simply say…I have no idea!

That is not a bad thing, just an unknown.  I can say that over the next 31 days as we head into a new year, I will continue to get better and develop myself.  I will spend the time focusing on my training, my nutrition, my goals and starting on a path of personal growth in the new year.

A couple weeks ago, I stepped down from my position in order to do the very things listed above.  I stepped down to get better personally and get better as a coach.  And that is where I will start.  I have given myself the month of December as a minimum to start coming up with the goals for the new year…what will those goals look like.

As of right now, they start with the following:

  • Write a Book (It doesn’t have to be published, just written)
  • Take the GRE and consider getting a Masters (have to look at the financials on that one)
  • Update THIS website
  • Develop a solid habit of training consistently
  • Clean up the nutrition
  • Develop my own training philosophy by studying people that I admire
  • Helping my kids with their homework
  • Helping my kids use their imagination
  • Surprising my wife every now and then (fewer hurried and rushed date nights)
  • Learn about and put together a solid business philosophy that I can be proud of and that represents me
  • Enjoy the beauty of small blessings
  • Be better!

That is where I will start.  Does it mean that I will never coach at my old gym again?  Not necessarily.  Does it mean that I will stay in my current situation?  Not necessarily.  It means that for the first time in a long time, I am open to change.

I am excited about the future and what might be coming my way.  I am excited to attack life again and focus on being better everyday…even if it is just a little bit!