What’s Next with Spartan Races?

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If you have followed me you know that the majority of my training centers around getting ready for Spartan races.  In addition to wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and set an example for my wife and daughters, after reading Spartan Up!, I appreciated Joe De Sena’s approach to mental toughness.

I have given out copies of Spartan Up! to many people who train with me in order to help them get their mind right.  If you are not training with me or with a coach, then you might be interested in the next book coming out from Joe and his team.  SpartanFit! will be hitting stores and online retailers this summer.

For more information on Spartan Fit! Click here! 

Based on Joe De Sena’s first book, I primarily run Spartan Races over any other obstacle course race.  It is a blessing to live in Texas, as there are several OC Races within a three-hour drive of my home and garage gym.  This year, I completed the Sprint earlier and am currently in training for the Austin Super and will conquer the Dallas Beast for my trifecta this year.  This is the traditional Trifecta, all three race distances in one calendar year.

That was goal number 1 for me and my adventures with Spartan.  So what is next?  What is on the horizon for Spartan Races and what new challenges will I be trying to tackle.  I am actually looking seriously at the Summer Spartan Agoge.  I think I can handle heat a little bit better than cold, so watching the promo below for the winter Agoge, definitely made me look forward to the summer challenges.

To learn more about the Agoge, click here!

If I complete the Agoge this year, or next, it will be the ultimate accomplishment.  It will be a great achievement that will only be behind, completing my first Beast with my wife and knowing that one daughter completed her first race this year and the other one wants to compete and the only thing holding her back is her age…not her heart.