What Will It Take?

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What will it take for you to make the change in your lifestyle to be healthy?  What will it take?

Take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, however long you need and answer that question.  This blog post is not for the person that already hits the gym 5 times a week and eats right with the occasional vice day.  This is for the person that knows that a change in necessary in their life, but isn’t taking the steps to get there.

So what will it take?  A heart attack, that terrible visit to the doctor’s office, the loss of a friend with the same problem?

As I sit here and look around the world, you have to make this decision on your own.  The government is not going to mandate how you eat and they are not going to make you get exercise.  Sorry, but look at where school lunches and activity programs are going.

There is nothing that is going to make this happen for you.  You have to make the hard decision to change your lifestyle.  You are in the state that you are in because you have made decisions in our life to put you there.  You have to look in the mirror and say it is time for a change and make that change.

Tonight after dinner, my wife made a statement to me…she said, this is the life that we have chosen and she could not be more right.  We have chosen to live this way.  We have chosen to have clean food in the house and eat that way 80% of the time.  We do have days where we indulge but that is far from the norm.

We have made these decisions for ourselves and hopefully for our family.  But I cannot make that decision for you, you have to make that decision for you.  I can help you, or any fitness professional can help you.   If you are willing to take that first step then you can find the results that you want.

But what will it take to make that first step?  You have a new life, a better life waiting for you…go get it!