Train In Reality…Do Everything in Reality

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I don’t like excuses at all.  I do not like whining at all.  But I also understand that life happens.  I currently have one simple request for anyone that wants to train with me.  Answer this simple question:

Are you willing to train within your reality?

What I mean in that question is, can you accept the truth about who you are and how that will relate to your training.  The reality that you must address is, what are you willing to give up or take on in order to reach your goals?  Will you accept that time table on reaching your goals changing based on the reality of your life and the choices you make?

If you want to lean up and lose 4 sizes, but do not want to give up your weekend ways, can you accept that as your reality and not get discouraged when it takes several months as opposed to just one?  Or are you willing to give up a month of partying, to get to your goal quicker?  You decide.

If you want to put on 20 pounds of mass; how many times can you train a week and give your best effort?  How are you willing to change your nutrition to reach those goals and again, it will effect your time table.

Have kids?  How does that alter your goals to make them realistic?  Can you accept your role in reaching your goals and recognize that no matter what you have to accept and train within your reality.  Your coaches cannot make things magically happen because they want to, or even if you WANT them to.  You have to make them happen.

You have to make some sacrifices and ACCEPT the reality of your situation.  If you work 60+ hours a week at a desk, eat terrible and have a gym membership that only gets used once a month, you probably will not be in contention to be the world’s strongest, or fittest person.  It just is not realistic.

If you are a someone who has no constraints on their time, is willing to work hard to reach their goals, understands that success means sacrifice, the sky can be the limit.

But stop lying to yourself about where you should be.  Look at everything realistically and then make some goals.  Accept that no matter what, it is going to take work to get to where you want to be.

Do you live in reality?