Too Much Noise!

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The Grinch said it best…”The one thing I hate is all the Noise! Noise! Noise!”  We are inundated with noise and chaos.  This very blog post can be considered noise, and I accept that.  But it is there, hitting us over the head.  It follows us.

Our FaceBook feeds are full of training programs and training protocols!  Get a bigger squat, 10 ways to find your abs, Conjugate Training, 5/3/1.  We are bombarded with all the noise that there possibly could be on a topic and we let it carry us away.

We find ourself caught up in the noise.  We lose the experience that is actually lifting.  We jump from program to program or method to method gaining little practical experience.  We spend all of our time trying new things that we are unable to figure out what is and what isn’t working.  Some times that best way for us to learn and to grow is to simply pick up the barbell.

After technique sessions with my athletes, I can see at times their heads are spinning and they are trying to figure out each piece of information as they perform their lift.  At times, I simply have to say…stop, clear the mind.  When I say go, you are going to pick the bar up and get it from the ground to your shoulders as quickly as you can.  Trust what you have practiced…trust what we have drilled.  3-2-1-GO!  And a miracle occurs.  They get away from all the noise, noise, noise, that they read and hear and are inundated with.

They quit trying to process and they get to experience.

Here’s to hoping you can cut through the noise the the joy of the moment!