The Struggle Is Real…And I Own It!

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Getting out of bed.

Going to the gym.

Lifting heavier.

Moving Faster.



Being a good spouse.

Being a good person.

The Struggle is Real…

It is hard to be the person that we want to be day-in and day-out.  It is hard to get better and want to help impact change happen in the world.  The struggle is real to both change ourselves and act as an agent of change.  It is easier to remain the same, stagnant.  It is easier to sit on the couch, quarterbacking the actions of everyone else around us and believe that we are better.

It is easier to make excuses about why our reasons for remaining the same are valid and other’s reasons are not.

But the struggle is real and the struggle is constant.

If we want to be healthier, we have to make those tough choices and eat the green vegetables.  If we want to get stronger we have to pick up the heavier barbell and push what our mind and body tells us we can do.  And if we want to be better people, we have to go against the current of talking about what needs to change, and get out there and set the example.


…And I Own It!

That’s the hard part.  I own my struggle.  It is not easy, or fun.  It is not easy to admit that I am struggling daily to be a better husband or father.  I get upset with my kids when they push my buttons.  I own that struggle to correct and teach them in a beneficial manner, not just as a dictator or rules and regulations.  I have the hard conversations.

I struggle to be a supportive, loving husband every day.  I fail.  I shut myself down and off.  I own that.  I embrace the struggle to be open, honest, and I accept that I might not always like what I have to do in order to be better.

I struggle to train my weaknesses.  I struggle to make training a priority daily or do what has to be done so that I can train as often as I want and need to.  I own that the thought of running any farther than the end of my driveway to get the mail…terrifies me.  Give me a barbell and some heavy deads any day.  But man cannot live on deadlifts alone.

I own that in my job, I have the ability to impact how others see the world and how others are treated.  I own that.  I own that life is easier when you surround yourself with people who think, feel, and behave the same what you do.  And I know that you find better solutions when you are willing to engage with those that do not think, feel, and behave like you do.  So I own that struggle to embrace the hard conversations and throw my voice into the discussions.

But I want better for myself, my family, and our future.  The status quo is easy because it is what has already been done.  It requires nothing to remain the same, just doing the same things we have always done.  But that is not good enough.

So I learn and I share.  I volunteer.  I acknowledge my faults, fears, and shortcomings and work to change them.  Then slowly change happens.  I move heavier barbells, run farther distances and see more smiles of understanding on the faces of those around me.

The struggle is real…And I own it!