The Power Of 2…

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This past weekend, I had the privelege of helping to put on a CrossFit competition at the affiliate where I coach.  It was a great time.  It was nice to not be out front for once and to sit back and have the freedom to walk around and talk to the athletes and the spectators.  While, there are a few bugs that we need to work out, the competition was great.  It was a partner competition and that lead me to think about the power of 2.  The power of being a part of something with someone.

And I am not talking about 2 as in you and your coach.  This is with another person that has your same struggle and your same determination to win the battle…whatever that battle might be.  There is a reason that we all are in the place that we are at.  We all…and I repeat ALL lack discipline somewhere.  We might have it in our diet, or our training regiment, or something completely different.  We might lack the ability to say no to certain people…it really doesn’t matter.  How we combat that is by finding someone else with the same struggles and battles and welcome them into ours.  We welcome them into ours and hopefully can step into theirs.

So no matter what your battle is, get someone else to come along with you on the journey.  Hold yourself accountable to someone.  You ended up where you are at right now because you believed somehow you could do it on your own.  You must admit that…something in doing it all by myself has failed.

So what is one to do…step it up and invite someone to be a part of this with you.  Invite someone to the gym with you.  Invite someone into a nutrition challenge with you.  If you can do that, you increase your chances at success.  The more people you bring in and form legitimate bonds with, the more success you will find.  Why?  Because most of us are wired to not want to let someone else down.  We can handle our own personal failings, but not letting someone else down.  So take a minute and use that to your advantage.  Get better with someone else, and help them get better in the process.

Embrace the power of 2.