The Fastest Way to Results

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I love browsing the web or looking on Facebook because I get to see so many of the articles out there that are just begging for you to click on them.  The one’s that guarantee your results or the ones that will add 100 pounds to your squat in just 4 weeks.  I love these articles.  I read them and you take from them what you can.  You might see some interesting progressions or rep schemes that you might consider.

But these articles are not quality coaching.  They are not always even quality programming.  And they are definitely not accountability.  So what are they.  They are a distraction from what you really want to achieve.  They are a detour or they are an onramp.

They are a detour if you are currently already doing some sort of training for the goal that the article promises you.  They are an onramp if you currently are doing nothing.  They can be a start or a dead end.


Because the quickest way to results is to find a path and stay on it.  It is that simple.  The quickest way to results is to make a decision and see it through to its end.  You might learn a few things about yourself.  The quickest way to not progress is to keep trying to add new things, change things, and do different things.

If you are not giving your training program a minimum of 8 weeks (12 is better), then you have nothing to blame but yourself for not getting from A to B to C…to Z.

The quickest way to get results is stay the course long enough to actually see some.  If you jump from coach to coach to coach and program to program to program, achieving, maintaining and continuing to get results is harder and harder to do.

Stick with it.  Trust the coach and his process.  All of us coaches attack things differently, but we are trying to get you the results you want.  If you do not feel that your coach is working you towards those goals…that is when it is time to switch.  When your goals are not being addressed and appeared ignored.  But make sure that is the case before you jump ship on the programming.