The Experiment – Book #2 of 2015

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Alright, so here we go with book review number two of the new year.  I have already completed several books but have to get their reviews posted.  I hope that I can get 1 or more done a week.  I will try to save them when I do not have something more beneficial to share.

The Experiment by R. Michael Anderson

As you read this book, you might feel that magically everything works out for the protagonist.  But suspend your want to critique the author for having everything work out and think about what you need to take away from this one.  This is a short and sweet read, so whether you like it or not, you can fly through it and take something away.

There are even some basic worksheets for you to work with in order to help you evaluate where you are at in your journey to balance your work and personal life.

But the biggest lesson to take away from this book is to only try to control those things that you actually can control.  That is to say, you can only control you.  You have no control over the situations that you face in life.  You have no control over other people.  All you have is wishes and desires for how situations play out and how others will treat you, but ultimately you have zero…yes zero control over them.  If they work out well for you, great.

The reason that they work out well for you is because you probably managed your responses appropriately.  The premise of this book is to make subtle changes to your behavior and each one of these changes is an “experiment”.  It might work out well for you and it might not.

The books asks you to look at how you react to situations and see if you are setting yourself up for the stress you are facing by not being able to react in a manner that sets you up for success.  It discusses having the discussions that you are afraid of and tacking obstacles instead of hiding from them and letting them weigh on your mind.

It also deals with starting to look within ourselves and seeing if we are really hearing what people are saying.  Are we responding to people in a manner that lets them know we hear what their needs are or are we responding in a manner that pushes them farther and farther away.

In this article, particularly the section on partners making “bids” for attention, there is some good information about why some relationships are successful and others aren’t.  It has to do with responding to what is really being asked for.

I give this book a “worth a read” recommendation partly because of the content and partly because I read it at a time when the information presented is something that I needed to be reminded of.  It helped me to remember that I control how I react and I can influence others by having the right reactions at the right time.  This means leading when it is necessary and stepping back when that too must happen.

It is a quick, quality read!