Take Inventory…Learn Something Everyday!

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Here we go another round with the Barbell Poet, another opportunity to grow and learn something.  This past week, I have spent a lot of time turning down the noise and just listening for the nuggets of wisdom that I can hopefully pass along to you.  Get you the shorthand version to get your mind right and your training progressing on a trajectory that you want it to be and something that you can be happy with.

I have a couple challenges for you today.  As usual, I will give you the easy one first.  Learn something new every day.  This can be a fact, a skill, a training method, a movement.  Just learn something new each and everyday.  Learn a new stretch or a new way to move.  Learn some new fact or word.  But take the time to get out of your own world and bring something new into it.  It is important to grow.

Often in training sessions, we try to thrown new skills at people to work on or learn.  We try to present them with at least one thing that they need to focus on in their next session and why it is important.  That is the new thing.  The “why”.  I recently read a quote from Diane Fu where she said, and I paraphrase, I want build athletes that could be coaches.  That means that she does not simply tell them how to do something, there is an element of why to do it.  There is also the ability to break things down.

Which brings me to my second challenge.  And this one should be hard for you to accomplish.  If done right, you should learn something about yourself that you might not like.  But it will help you grow.

I want you to break yourself down.  I want you to take an inventory on yourself.  Really look at yourself and decide “What am I good at?” and “What am I NOT good at?”  Then evaluate that list and determine what on that list you are content not being good at and what on that list you want to improve or change.  The biggest part of that is also taking those pieces and determining what you are willing to give up and your level of commitment to change.  If you don’t have the time or the energy to change something that you are not good at, then you better start learning to accept the reality of who you are.  Own your shortcomings…understanding yourself will lead to less stress put on yourself.

This applies to our personalities (I am not the best as a friend, but I am a solid co-worker) as much as it does our training (I am lacking in absolute strength, but am a solid in my gymnastic movements…I am terrible at recovery protocol but consistent in getting 4 workouts in a week).  You do not have to share this shortcomings list with anyone.

When it comes to your training, you might want to share it with your coach and see how they can help you address the things you want to.  They will also be able to help you figure out how that will affect your current strengths and minimize losses.

Take the time to honestly assess yourself and see what you can learn about yourself.  Then take that and see how you can grow and learn something new everyday.  Start on your journey now!