Success in the New Year

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This one is probably one of the most important messages that I can pass along for the new year.  I hope that in some small way these tips will help you get ready for the new year and more than anything take the necessary steps to find success throughout the upcoming year.

In the past, I have put out multiple posts trying to outline steps to success, and while I still believe in those steps, I feel that what I am about to share are steps in my own personal growth and my own gaining of knowledge (maybe wisdom) this past year.  Consider this my year in review, as I do not like to look back on past successes and failures, but rather start with some lessons learned.

In order to do this correctly, I must take a minute before sharing and thank everyone who has helped me learn these lessons.  They range from big names like Travis Mash and the Barbell Buddha (Chris Moore) to the team  that I work with day in and day out at my home gym.  Special thanks goes out to my wife, she drives me crazy and keeps me sane at the same time…anyone who is married knows what I am talking about.  But everyday that I get to spend with her is like winning the lottery. Here’s to all of you!

Success in the New Year

The biggest key to success in the new year is to focus on getting your priorities straight.  This is the key that everything else will and must resolve around.  Whether it is a stronger commitment to your family, your work, starting a new business, your training, your nutrition, or your finances…figure out where everything in your life falls.  It is not about setting resolutions, but about getting your priorities straight from the start.

It doesn’t mean that other things are not important, but you must set up your frame of reference according to your priorities.  If you don’t, then it is too easy to get off track.  It is easy to be confused as to what you want to focus on and deal with.  I am not going to tell you what your priorities need to be, just encourage you to figure them out.  Then from there see how these affect the others in your life.

That is when you must talk to them about these priorities and help them see your vision.  Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan race tells a story about how family is his number one priority.  But he says that was not always the case…he talks about when he was starting Spartan Race, he put his family on the back-burner and his life revolved around this business endeavor.  He talks about how hard that was on his family life, but that they stuck with him and saw it through.

Learn this from Joe, if you are going to take on a huge task, let people know that it is coming and that it will affect them.  This could mean going back to school and needing to be able to study so you might be distant for a while.  Maybe you are starting a business and need to focus on that.  Let others into that dream so they understand where your head will be at and that you are not neglecting them, but focusing on something else.  If you are trying to focus on your family, then they need to know that as well.

Once you have your priorities in order, then it allows you to have a frame of reference for everything that you do.  If it is a matter of choosing between something with a low priority and something with a high priority, choose the higher priority and get after it.  By doing this, you also give yourself the freedom to choose and not feel guilty for choosing.  Success can come when we give ourselves the right to choose.

Still with me?  Great!

The next key to success in the new year is going to be get accountability.  Tell someone what your goals are or what those priorities are.  You have to build in something that doesn’t allow you to stop or change them.  Find accountability somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be shouting from the rooftops and telling anyone and everyone. Just get someone to help you because if you are honest with yourself, you have not been successful to this point.

Along with being held accountable, be open to criticism.  This is a tough one for me, but it is critical.   We all have to be open to doing things differently than we “want” to or how we think will be best.  We have to be open to criticism so that growth can actually happen.  So open yourselves up to someone questioning you, or suggesting alternate ways of doing things.

From these setbacks and rough times, be open to setbacks, but don’t accept or see them as failure.  Failure is quitting or giving up.  Setbacks are just that, something that sets you back temporarily.  Accept that setbacks are a natural part of growth.  If you are an athlete training an injury is a setback…if you stop playing or pursuing athletic endeavors altogether that is accepting failure.  For a real world example of this, take a look at Kevin Ogar…huge setback but he is an example of not accepting failure!

Once you do all the above make sure that you are giving something back to this world.  Make it better, start thinking about the legacy you leave.  Give something back.  Don’t just focus on what you have or can get.  Give something back, and when you think you cannot give anymore…try!  This world has gotten so wrapped up in me, me, me, we have forgotten how to change it through giving to others and the true joy that it can bring us!

That about sums up my best tips for this upcoming year and advice to help you achieve success.  A final small tip that I will recommend is that every day give up one hour and devote it to learning something new.  Whether it is reading a book, watching a how-to video, listening to a podcast…commit to growing everyday.  Disconnect from the smartphones and social media world and grow.  By giving just an hour a day, you gain 365 hours of knowledge and skills.  Think about that!

Here’s to you and your success.  If you need help, contact me and I will be more than happy to be your accountability!

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