Stop Writing Letters to the Younger You

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I am feeling a bit snarky today…so consider that your pre-warning…

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If you have ever been anywhere near a self-help book or had to do any exercise in learning about yourself, you have probably at least been asked to write a letter to your younger self.  What would you tell yourself?  What advice would you give?

Why write that letter at all?

It might be therapeutic in some sense.  I am not even going to say that I have not written one, but I sit here today asking why am I looking back and trying to deal with a ghost.

It doesn’t do anything to change who I am…in this moment.

I’m sending back lessons that I learned and mistakes I discovered in life.

But they made you who you are today.  They built you into the person that you are.  They made you stronger or maybe they crushed you.

About the only thing that letter to your younger you needs to say

“You will survive.”

That’s it.  If you want to change yourself, write a letter to the person you are becoming.  Write a letter to the person you want to be.

If you want to be a business owner, write a letter to the you that owns that business.  If you want to stop writing blogs and be an author, write to that person.

Write to the person that still has lessons to learn and goals to accomplish.  Write a letter that inspires you to take action on something…anything!

Stop wasting your time, telling your younger self about all the mistakes you made in life, take the time to write a letter to the person who has a ton of mistakes to make on their way to becoming a success.  Write a letter to the person that needs to kick an addiction, or take a leap of faith and try a new job.

Write a letter to the person that is not afraid of life anymore.

Write to yourself with passion.  Write to yourself as you see yourself as changing the world or being the world to just one person.

Take five or ten minutes, decide who you want to be and write to them…stop worrying about who you used to be…you are changing, growing, learning.  Write to the person you are becoming, not who you once were.