Stop Looking For Gimmicks and Quick Fixes

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Put the pills down, step away from the phone as you consider buying that latest fitness gadget from the late night infomercial.  Please just walk away from the latest get rich quick scheme or trying to figure out a way to get around hard work!

There are very few universal truths that transcend all areas of life, but hard work is one of those truths.  Hard work gets you places.  Pure and simple.  Hard work is a cure for many root problems and does not simple treat the symptoms.

Need to lean up, it’s hard to get away from sugar and the like, but it has to be done.  Put in the work.  Want to get stronger, hard work helps here too.  That includes how hard it can be to take a day off.  Want to get a new business up and running, or keep one going…you guessed it…hard work!

Most people know this already.  Most people know that the only way to get somewhere and feel good about things is to put in the work.  Even if you fail, you look back and can say that you did everything you could.  When you take shortcuts, you usually end up right where you started, staring face to face with square one again and having to once again decided if you are going to try a different shortcut or actually put in the hard work and be in it for the long haul.

On the business side of things that I work with, I see far too many people wanting to figure out all the things everyone else is doing and are not willing to put in the work themselves.  They ask for samples of classes run, advertising used, or tricks used to get people to find them that they never gain an understanding of what does or does not work.  They don’t put in the work and then are confounded when they might have to close their doors.

I am not saying do not seek out guidance.  But it is just that, get a mentor to help motivate you to do the work yourself.  Put your voice out there.  Let people know you and hear you in everything that you do!  Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and try something that no one else is doing.

And outside of all the gimmicks that are out there…the thing about hard work is it makes each and every one of us better.  That is the key to your success.  Be better!  Do Better.  Focus on the customers, clients, business contacts that you already have and blow them away.  Give them your best each and every day.  And then get better.  Give more.

I recently recorded a podcast on this very topic.  If you are so inclined…give it a listen!

Hard work is about making yourself better, not staying busy!