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I hate being sick.  I hate when my wife or kids are sick.  I hate it because the truth of the matter with sickness, or any other major disaster, the world does not stop.  When you are throwing up every twenty minutes, the phone still rings and your inbox still gets full.

I have been sick off and on for the last couple weeks.

I wanted the world to stop for me.  I wanted people to respect that I was sick and step up…but life doesn’t work that way.  If you are a leader, you will still be looked to even when you are throwing up.  You still have responsibilities.

You don’t have time for the pity party.  No one cares because it is your job.  It is not theirs.  You have to decide what you are going to do when you are sick and what can wait.  It is just the simple truth of the matter.

Embrace this position.  Embrace that people believe that you can keep going even when you feel like you cannot.  Or rather when you just really don’t want to.  You want to be sick, you want sympathy, and you want the world to stop for you.

But it doesn’t.  Sickness is just like a bad day at the gym.  You have to do what you can and simply accept it.  You have to be content with whatever you can get done and not feel the pressure to do more.  You cannot get upset (even though I like to) when someone calls on you when you are sick.  You just have to be honest and say I cannot do that, or you can.  Be honest with yourself and with others.

It’s okay to be sick.  It’s okay to have to slow down.  It is also okay to recognize that life goes on and all of us just have to own that we will get through it and be just fine.

With all that said…I still hate being sick!