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We all want results.  That is why we show up to the gym.  That is why we do our best to avoid the sweets and eat well.  We want to find those sometimes elusive things we call results and progress.  We are driven by what we see around us.  We are driven to not lose the ability to play with our kids or by the strong men and women we see competing at the higher levels.

Somewhere in that quest though, we quick focusing on our goal and started to focus on the person next to us.  We looked at their bar and the weight they are lifting.  We focused on their time on the board and were discouraged with ours.  Somewhere in the quest for our personal betterment, we lost sight of what we were really chasing.

Your results are not in their time on the whiteboard.  Your results are not in their barbell.  Your results are in your barbell.  Your results are in your time.  Your results can only come from within you.  Your results are hiding in the dark places of your soul where you have to go to get them out.

You results are not found in someone else’s barbell, but in the intensity with which you attack yours!

Please think about that.  Your results are never going to be found by focusing on anything that is not directly in front of you.  Your progress and growth is found in how hard you push yourself.   The results you want are not found in doing more, but are found in giving more to each and every workout.  It is not about more volume or doing more daily…it is about going as hard as possible for that workout on the board.  It is about giving 100% to eating the way that leads to the results you want.  It is not 6 workouts a day, but rather about 1 workout where you gave everything you had for that one day.  Then recovering smart.

Your results are found the one place so many of us do not want to look.  They are found within.  They are found by pushing past where the mind says stop and the heart takes over.  You might have the mind of a champion, but do you have that heart?  Results are found there!