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Some times we have to step back and look at where we started and how we ended up where we are now.  We have success stories and we have regrets.  We can only hope that from those regrets we have learned something.  We have a lesson that moved us to be better.

So here is my biggest regret in my training journey:

I failed to embrace the beauty of the simple things.

That’s it.  I was a person that was fascinated with the large volume, crazy long, crazy intense workouts. I did not know how to embrace and enjoy the beauty of each and every movement.  As I have grown, this has notion of living in the moment, embracing the lift has become more of a standard for me.

It is why I call myself the barbell poet.  For me, hitting a lift with solid technique is poetry in motion.  I have watched as athletes hit their first clean and said “so that’s how it’s supposed to feel!”  It is an epiphany moment.  It is a feeling that they chase after from that day forward.  It is their first step of being able to know what is on and what is off as they grow in their own individual training journey.  This lift, like poetry, causes an emotional response within.  We are stirred to try and capture that emotion again.

For me, in the here in now, I have embraced the notion of simplicity in training.  My workout has moved from being an epic poem, to a haiku.  It is designed around impact with the least amount of words possible. As I approach the workout, I attack each piece, each individual rep as if it is the most important part of my training artwork.  It allows me to craft a better, more complete picture.  It is not built out of the frenzy of the chaos.

There is beauty in a single bolt of lightning, not the chaos of the storm”

I have started to see how much I actually enjoy training.  It allows me to appreciate the perfection of movement that is required to do a perfect pull-up or a perfect pushup.  It allows me to appreciate each piece of the clean, or the snatch.  It allows me to grow and progress with a better appreciation for the journey.

Do I still bring intensity to my workouts, yes!  Do I still give 100% with each and every workout…of course!  I just have learned to see the beauty in the simple pieces.

How do you approach your workouts?  Are you all about the volume or do you appreciate each piece?