Process vs. Destination

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I think that I will continue where I left off with my last post and continue to help you get ready for the new year.  Don’t settle for making resolutions, review those priorities.

Then after that, recognize that everything is about the process.  It is not about the destination.  It is not about the weight loss, or the increases to your maxes in the gym.  It is and has to be about the process.  You have to find a way to embrace and enjoy the process.  There is so much to learn and beauty in the process.

I am going to try and frame it a little bit for you.  If you have ever gone on a hike or climbed any sort of mountain, you might understand this.  Did you take pictures along the way?  Did you see things that amazed you as you ventured through nature and on the path?  If you did, then you know what I am talking about.  You know that when you review the pictures of your adventure, there were moments along the way that stood out to you.  They might even be one or two moments that captured you more than the final destination.

We honestly cannot say how we will feel when we reach our goal, or if we ever even make it that far.  But there is always a process that we are a part of; there is always the moment that we are in right now.  I want to write a book someday, but there will be moments in that writing that stand out, sentences or paragraphs that have far more impact and style than the last phrase I put down (I hope that is true).  It is all about being caught up in the moment and embracing the most out of each and every piece of the journey that will get us to our goals.

Goals are great and visualization of achieving those goals is highly encouraged, but do not get weighed down by not achieving those goals at a breakneck pace.  Find the beauty, the wisdom, the truth in each piece of the puzzle.

If you are learning to lift, learn to enjoy the way that bar feels from the ground, from the hang, on your back, in the front rack.  Embrace how it feels to fight to stand out of a heavy squat, and enjoy the moments when what once was heavy, lands weightless in the receiving position.  Embrace the moment when an old max is now used for reps and the pain as you have an off day and the bar just doesn’t want to move.

Celebrate the new skills you learn and that work it took to accomplish them.  Consecutive Double Unders, handstands, levers, planches, snatches…they all are moments that teach.  Dig in and remember the story behind a bloody shin or a torn callous.  They make the journey.

The view from the top really doesn’t change over time, but each person’s journey is unique!

Own yours…take action.  Start today!