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Sorry about the wingdings in the title, but there are moments in life when we need to get out of our own way.  There are times when saying, pick it up, just doesn’t work to convey the struggle that you are about to embark on.  The fight is real.  We are getting better.  We are past the fear, and have dug our heels into the ground.  We are set and ready for the fight that is about to come.  Enough playing around, it is time to do the work!

It is time to do just that.  It is time for us to pick up the bar and get it moving.  The struggle is in the start, then the struggle becomes momentum.  We accelerate until we are passed the point of stopping and onto the task of committing.  We are chasing our best.  We are in the moment and fighting to feel each and every piece of the lift.  We are in the fight of our lives to be the best business owner, the best parent, spouse, son or daughter.  We are struggling to just set the bar higher for ourselves and stand out in the crowd of those that would settle for mediocrity.

It is one lift; it is one shot in life, and we are going to take it.

This is the fight to see if all the preparation and work up to this point is worth it.  The hours of training and supplemental work.  The mobility drills and the hours of embracing the suck.  It is the moment where all the market research and all the planning is done.  It is every planned out meal that you ate so that you could put getting to the next level in your crosshairs.  It is YOUR MOMENT and it is YOUR stage!

So pick that bar up and own it.  Fight with everything you got.

You will feel the muscles fire as you get it off the ground.  You will feel the transition as you explode to send the bar into the air and you will feel that fraction of a second when you know, you have got to move or you will miss the lift.  You have got a small window that will determine victory or defeat.  You have a fraction of a second to react and choose your own fate.

Will you take your chances and move or will you fight to stay in your comfort zone?  Will you remain content with where you are at, or will you let the path of your future change by committing to your own success?  Will you risk failure to catch that bar in the bottom of the squat or will you let the little voice in your head, remind you how heavy the load will be and quit.  Which road will you take?

Accept the load as it comes down.  Brace yourself and stand up…successful!  A stronger, more accomplished you.  It’s your bar…it’s your battle…it’s your victory!

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  1. gdeitz
    gdeitz says:

    Thanks! That means the world to me. Writing is my release so it is great to share. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Look forward to continuing to read your writing as well.

  2. deblinne1
    deblinne1 says:

    Yes. I was debating today going 75 vs 95 front squat in a 10 round metcon. I told my coach that I was worried about later rounds. He said, “Worry about later, later.” So I picked that shit up and finished it. Good post!

  3. gdeitz
    gdeitz says:

    I appreciate the comment and you taking the time to walk into my little world! One of the joys that I have as a coach is being able to tell my athlete’s they can do something and instill confidence in them. Great job in the metcon…and thanks again for stopping by!

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