Perfect Isn’t Always Possible, But Better Is!

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I work with athletes of all different back grounds and skill levels.  I work with some of the best movers there are, young, full of life and ready to break through the walls.  You know the athletes that don’t think it was a good workout unless walking is a struggle the next day.

I also work with several people who train so that they don’t hurt.  They are no longer concerned with max loads or going so hard that the world starts to spin on them.  This group just wants to have a healthy lifestyle.  These are the kid and grandkid chasers.  They just want to keep up with those around them.

I love working with both groups.  I love working with everyone in between.  In fact, if you are looking for a quality coach, then they better be able to scale any workout up or down depending on who they are working with (just something to keep in mind).

When I work with my athletes, I have one general rule.  You have to be getting better.  That does not mean PR’s every day, but it means your movements needs to be better.  Or maybe you just need an attitude adjustment on that day so that you approach the remainder of your week better.

The best method that I have to make sure this happens, is I build off of previous lessons every week.  I try to teach my athletes something new often.  One thing…that’s it.  It can be how to clean a kettlebell, a core drill on the sandbag, running technique, or even a simple stretch.  Often, at least monthly, though something new needs to come out of the hat.  This item might be unique to them or it might be something that I am using with several athletes because I am seeing a common problem across the board.



But here is the deal with why I do it.  It is something that they will not be perfect at.  They will struggle with it.  It will be new and foreign and it will force a response both physically and mentally.  It is not just about putting more weight on a bar, it is about learning something new at any age or skill level and seeing progress.  It is about teaching someone, anyone that they are never too old to try new things, be tested and overcome an obstacle.

It is a lesson in giving your best effort, and that perfect isn’t always possible, but better is.

And so they see something new and we work on it.  We drill it and we get better.  They get better.  And the next time they see me or a week later, that new skill is there waiting for them.  And I am there to watch as pieces click and fall into place.  And they get better, every time.  Day by day, they get better and they find that they are capable of more than even they thought they could do.

And every once in a while, a magical moment happens.  They come in to see you, and want to show you how much better they have gotten.  There is no prompting, no putting it up on the board as part of the workout…they have taken ownership of their new skill.  They are getting better.  Not perfect, but better…

And I am proud…and I reach into my bag for the next thing to learn.  And somewhere along the way, fitness forms and takes shape.  People are doing things they never thought they could.  Lifting more than they thought possible and living a life they enjoy full of new hobbies and new skills.

And I sit back and smile because I know that perfect isn’t always possible, but better is!