Only One Thing Can Define Success

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This post probably applies a little more to those people running a business, but if you stretch, it might apply outside of that.

One of the things that I do constantly as a training and manager of a business, is read, read and then read some more.  I listen to podcasts of those people that have found success and see what lessons they are willing to share.

This post is not about the idea that hardwork is required to be successful, this is about how to actually define yourself as a success.  It is about being able to sleep at night knowing that you are progressing and on the right path.

The only thing in this world that can define success is you.  What I mean by that is you must define your WHY for your business.  That is to say, why are you running this business or opening it in the first place.  Is your primary reason for opening the business to make money?  Then your bank account defines success…pure and simple and you better be investing your time and energy into how to market your business, who to partner your business with and how to get your name out into the community and world.  You had better also be finding ways to generate additional revenue or additional products or plans to expand your business into new markets if money is the driving force.  When I say money as the driving force, I mean that you are wanting more than just a living.  You are wanting excess for whatever reason that might be.  Please keep that in mind.

Since I consider myself a fitness professional, I will say that another method to measure success is in changing bad lifestyle habits into good ones.  You might define success by the thank you cards and before and after pics you receive.  Your success is defined by client retention and continued progress.  You might have absolutely no desire to become the next big name in fitness or have a multi-million dollar empire of gyms.  You just want enough to put food on the table and impact the lives of those around you.  If you define success as helping people you might even fight growing too big too fast.  You might fight the urge to give up that feeling of personal investment in each person you work with.  If you define your success in this manner, then you might only bring people into your business that have the same passion that you have.

There are countless other ways for you to define your success, but you have to do that up front.  You cannot change paths in the middle.  You also have to accept the reality of your business and the work that comes with it.  It does not mean that various methods cannot work together, but you must remember that when you go to sleep at night, there will be one thing that you use to define your success.

The simple truth is that you have got to figure out why you are doing what you are doing and not lose that perspective.  You have to work and grow in the areas that breed that definition of success.

Until next time…keep on pushing!