On Father’s Day…

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It is Father’s Day…and I am a dad of two.

So today, I am going to get a little personal.  I saw the post that was on zenhabits and thought that I would share about the lessons I want to leave my kids.  I am a firm believer that:

If you want to leave a legacy, you have to live a legacy!

So today, I am breaking from my training strategies, business suggestions and everything else and just being honest.  If that is not your cup of tea, we will return to our regular training talk next week!

I want my girls to watch me, and question me.  I want to be open to their curiosity and not destroy it.  I want them to know what it feels like to wonder and not know.  I want to be their trusted advisor but not their salvation.  I want them to know what it is like to mess up, learn and grow.

I want them to see me angry…for the right reasons and the wrong.  I want them to see me admit my imperfections and have to humble myself and ask for forgiveness from them and others.  I want them to know that their dad is not always right…but he isn’t always wrong either.

I want them to see the struggle that all parents face.  The struggle to keep their head up in hard times and the reality that some times life beats us up and knocks us down, but not out.  We RISE!  As Maya Angelou says…and still I rise!  I want them to know that every sacrifice that I make is one out of love for them or someone else.  When you give, you grow.  When you share, you gain.

I want them to know that joy they bring me.  I want them to know that I love dancing with them in the living room.  And the joy in my heart when they tell me they love me to heaven and back…knowing that some day, I will not be here to tell them how much they mean to me.  Heaven and back works for me.

I want them to know that I pray, that I cry, that I get upset and that I know joy and happiness.  I want them to know that I work hard for everything that we are blessed with.  I want them to see that work.  I want them to know the value of hard work and that no matter what the job is, I will take it so that they are taken care of.

I want them to see me as an example.  An example of the man they should be looking for to marry.  I want them to see how much I love their mom and know that they deserve that much love.  The guy doesn’t have to be just like me, but he better love them unconditionally and endlessly.  They need to see a man in front of them that gives them the strength to tell some suitors, you are not worthy of me…and find that special someone that is.  That person that they are excited for me to meet because they know he will love them correctly.

But above all else, on this Father’s Day and all of them, I want them to know the joy that they bring to my life.  And that no matter what, one day when they are parents, I hope they have kids just like mine.  Pure joy…even in the midst of the chaos.

Love you girls!