New Year…Goals for 2015

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Here it is, the first post of the new year.  There are a lot of new things to come out this year that I hope will help everyone out as they tackle the new year.  I hope to get a little more personal here in this space.  I might upset some people with what I have to say, and I am good with that.  I hope to inspire people to take action.  To tackle challenges and to push their limits and that includes what they accept.  This world is a scary place at times, and a beautiful place at others.  Time to get real, so here are my challenges for the upcoming year.

Be more Confident! – Pretty simple.  Stop worrying about what everyone will think of my ideas or if they are good or not.  I have been around the block a time or two, so it is time to trust in the lessons I have learned.  Which leads to the second challenge of the year..

Take Action! – I won’t wait for someone else to prove that my idea is good or bad.  If I want to tackle a project, I will.  Go ahead and try and stop me.  I am not here to waste away.  The people that I admire most in the world speak of taken action and accepting that challenges in front of you.  I will write more, and start up the podcast…so get ready for more regular updates.  It’s gonna happen!

Enough IS Enough! – That is to say, that I do not want to always be on a quest for more.  I do not need more.  I have everything that I need.  Enough really IS enough.  I can stop chasing more and and embrace all that I have already.

Enjoy my Training! – I am going to enjoy my training.  I will be taking on some obstacle course races this year, but the focus of my training will be on encouraging other to get out there and train with me.  It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout and I do not have the be the biggest guy in my gym.  I just want to get back to the basics and love what I do.

Embrace the BASICS – I am going to get back to the basics and some solid movement.  Yes, I call myself the barbell poet, but it all starts with good body mechanics and gymnastic movements.  I am going to get back to that this year.  And I am dragging people with me!  Perfect movement is that poetry in motion!  Don’t worry I am not leaving the barbell behind…just going to move better with it.

And Finally…

Focus on Others!  – It really is what drives me.  I just want to give back.  Helping others see the value of quality training and nutrition drives me and are the lessons that I want to pass along to my daughters.  So I will refocus on others.  It will be a year about what I can give and what needs to be given up so that everyone gets my best!

What are you shooting for in the new year?