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So here we go again.  This blog will talk a little about business, but a lot about character. The two go hand in hand.  And hopefully business and character plus hard work and hustle and you can find yourself tasting some success.

I am a member of several groups that deal with being a business owner.  In my case, these are primarily gym owners.  I look at the questions they have and I am a huge fan of sharing knowledge and ideas, but more and more seems to always turn into…tear someone down to make myself look better.  STOP!  That reveals your character or theirs if they are talking trash about you.

Analyze what they are saying…is there any (even a tiny bit) of truth to it?  If so, how are you going to fix it?  How are you going to fix it within the walls of your own business?

I do not know if it is the culture that we live in, the politics ruling the world, the he said- she said garbage or what, but we are obsessed with proving that we are better.  We are obsessed with slinging mud and talking trash to belittle someone else just to feel better.  We will destroy someone just so that we can stand on a pile of rubble and say we are better.

Who wants to be king of ruins?

Seriously, take a minute and think about it.  If all we do is try to destroy someone else and their kingdom or their business, we are standing on ruins.  Where is our business?  Is it getting any better if we spend all our time and energy making someone else look inferior or hurting them.

STOP!  Build your empire.  Build your business and focus on that.  You want to be the best, invest your time and energy into yourself and your people.  Don’t invest it into tearing someone else down…just keep getting better.  Gain knowledge, make more and better personal connections with the people you see each and every day, clients and employees.

How can you make their lives better?  How can you make a difference in building a better community around you.  Grow into a leader that others can say whatever they want to about them and no one will believe them.  Let your character respond for itself.

Put your head down and work!  Form your own path, carve it out of the mountain and get to the top by working hard.

The same philosophy hold true in training.  You do not get your gains by talking trash about someone else’s program or training methods.  I guarantee you someone following a “bad” training program will make more progress than someone spending all their time trashing it.

So start learning how to learn from your own mistakes, grow from them and then craft a business that is all you!  Focus on this business being an extension of who you are and stop caring about what everyone else is doing.  Stop thinking you have to cater to the same crowds or the same people.

Cater to the people who have the same values, goals and character as you.  They will come and success will find you.  Results will come if you put in the work…

Unless you want to rule the ruins!