Let the Writing and Changes Commence

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I took the leap and started writing a book.  A book for all of us that are doing the best that we can with what we have been given and in the process hopefully change a few lives for the better.  This book (which may never be finished) is being written for the business owner who just needs to know they are not alone in the struggle.  It is for me to get some ideas out and give something back.

It might be my wrapping up a chapter of my life and preparing for the next big thing that will come in life.  I cannot say for sure what the future holds, but fear is not going to hold me back any longer.  It is not going to leave me sitting on the edge guessing about whether or not I should or should not do something.  I will take that risk and put myself out there.

The worst that can happen is someone says they don’t like it.  They are just words.  They are in no way a reflection of my character or who I am.  I define that.  I get to write that story.

And the same is true for you!  You get to write your own story.  Who cares what the critics say about you!  Be great.  Find something that you excel at and throw yourself into it.  Find something that brings you joy and challenges you and go for it.  If you fail, you fail!  Get up and try something else.  Remember you write your story and you determine who you are…and no one can take away who you are.

Take that leap that is the biggest thing you want to accomplish in life and start working towards it.  It takes a whole lot of baby steps to accomplish anything great.  And the first step is always the most important.  It is the one that takes you from inactive to active.  It determines your momentum.  It takes you from a static to active.  It takes you from being on the sidelines to in the game.

It takes you from talker to doer!  It’s time to start making those changes.  Take action…and do what others only talk about doing!  Risk failure…and succeed!