Let the Fun Begin

Share This!

It is a new school year.  Where I live, that means that there is a huge uptick in the number of people looking to train as they return to our college town.  It gets competitive as the gyms all are fighting to be chosen…so I offer the following advice to anyone who is a trainer or owns a gym.


Be you, be better at what you do and spend less time worrying about what the guy down the street or across town is doing.  Focus on the things that you can actually control.  Focus on being the best coach that you can be and being the name in coaching.

Focus on being better each and every day.  Focus on the reality that you can become the coach that everyone wants to train with.  Focus on being the one that gets results!  And get out there and do just that…get results.  Share those results with others or better yet let others share their success stories for you.  There is no better advertisement than a friend telling a friend.

And if you are an athlete looking for where to train…then be diligent.  You are about to spend some money and want results, so watch a class.   Train with the group and talk to other clients that train there.  Ask them what they like and what they would change.  Ask questions.  Don’t be afraid to get answers, a quality gym will not have anything to hide or anything not to share.

Good luck out there!