Keeping it Real…Real Simple!

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A lot of coaches and gyms out there will spend hours upon hours upon hours trying to figure out what workout they want to put you through.  There is a growing need to feed the myth that if you are not smoked wondering what happened and afraid that your left lung might just pop out and land next to you on the floor, you did not get a hard enough workout.  You were not challenged enough and therefore will be missing out on these things known as…gains.

People will tell me, that workout looks fun.  It looks like a laundry list of movements and weights.  It doesn’t look fun, it looks miserable.  And there is a time and a place for miserable, but everyday is not it.  Those workouts are there because you have to test your endurance, your mindset and some days you just want to feel that pain.  But that shouldn’t be the case everyday.

Results come from smart training, pure and simple.  Results come from time under tension, stress on the system and simple systems.  There is nothing magical about Wendler and his 5-3-1 principles, but they get results.  If you want a muscle-up…pull-ups, dips, and working the transition.  Simple movements.  Simple combinations, results will come.

The problem that we all run into is that we are impatient and unwilling to really test ourselves in these simple movements.  We are more afraid to go heavier than we previously have, than we are to do hundreds of reps at a lighter weight.  We are afraid of the struggle and afraid of failure.  Those athletes that are willing to stick to simple programs with increasing challenges in the same movements see better results in my experience.

I am a huge advocate of trying new things and learning new skills.  But that is not a direct part of your training, it is a result of your training.  It is a result of feeling stronger and more comfortable in the basics that allows you to try and conquer new challenges.  Want to walk around the gym on your hands?  How strong is your press?  Do you hold a tight core and correct posture?  How smoothly can you kick up and how is your balance throughout a basic lunge?  What about the ability to bend over and touch your toes?

I hate hearing that people are bored with their training, but I also want to see your development.  Are you tracking the progress because few people are bored with results and bigger numbers (or smaller times).  Train in couplets and triplets of movement that help you get better in your weaknesses and stay solid in your strengths.  Accept that you might lose a little in one area to be better in another and play the balancing game.  Embrace that challenge to put more weight on the bar when it is time to, and take some off, when it is time to.  Trust your coach, trust the process.

Embrace the suck, enjoy the results!