Keep On Progressing…Goals Refinement!

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So here we are…back again!  Refining our goal setting and goal keeping process.  In the last post, I asked you to do some very basic (not easy) things:

  • Buy a new Journal
  • Figure out how you tick (what do you need to make successful habits)
  • Write out your goals
  • Break them down into three categories (short-term, medium-term, long-term)

So what do we do now?  I have the goals, I just start working really hard to keep them, right?


I want you to look at those goals that you have and the breakdown is not important right this instant, but it does give you a rough deadline for completion and if you are like me, that is important.  The deadline is important.

The next thing that I want you to do is to begin to utilize the other pages in your new journal and look at your list and figure out the “why” behind each and every goal that you have.  What you are doing is taking a minute to decide what is motivating you to want that goal to happen.  Are you really even doing it for yourself, or do you just think someone else will be happy if you do it?

As you work through your list, you want your goals to have personal value.  If something is written down, just for the sake of writing down or it sounds good to have it on the list, but it means nothing to you, failure is the most likely outcome.  You have to make sure that the goal actually adds meaning to your life.

A common goal is to work out more.  Gyms love the start of the new year, but they cannot make you show up.  Why do you want to work out more?  Maybe you want to play more with your kids, your grandkids, take your dog on more walks, look better in a swimsuit, make the neighbors jealous.  I don’t know your answer, but you need to have a reason.

If you cannot come up with a SOLID why for a goal, remove it from your list.  If your goal is only on there because someone else wants it for you or from you, remove it.  The goal must carry some value to you.

If your only motivation for working out more is because my husband or wife wants me to or thinks I should or it sounds good…mark it off.  Get rid of it.  You don’t really want it.

This is a difficult step and a challenge because it means the list might change.  You have to be real with yourself.  Do not search for reasons…follow your gut on this one and shoot from the hip.  If you do not feel a reason hit you quick…delete the item.  You can always re-add it later…when it has more value.

So that’s all I got today…figure out the why!

Turn the page and start figuring it out!