Jesus WOD…More Faith than Workout!

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This post contains a mix of my workout and my faith…just giving you that warning…


Tonight I completed the Jesus WOD.  It was not easy, it was not fun…  I also did not do it simply because I CrossFit and I am a Christian.  I honestly did it because I said I would.  I told a friend that I would complete the workout.  I watched one morning as my wife and a friend of hers did the rounds in am AMRAP style.  They did not have to complete  all 14…they simply had to work for 20 minutes.

As I progressed through the workout, I realized one thing.   The workout took me back to a baptism I had witnessed.  It was a man with no one in the crowd to cheer him on.  He had invited no one to this moment.  He knew that the decision to be baptized was one to be celebrated but the act was between him and the Lord.  And so here I was again alone.  Working away through a workout, wanting to learn something from the struggle and not simply complete it.  I wanted to hear the voice of God speak as I chipped away at the 14 rounds.

And this is what I learned.  Some rounds I completed without stopping and some rounds, I had to break.  Some lifts felt great, some felt like I could not do one more.  I realized that is my faith at different times.  Some days it is easy to trust that the Lord is at work in me, working with me and working through me.  Some days it is so easy to be faithful and easy to believe.  And some days, you have to struggle just to say you are a believer.  Some days you feel that the Lord, like every person around you just wants to make your life difficult…but you can and will persevere.  As I checked off each and every round, I was reminded of the cross.  I was reminded that He was chosen for the cross…and I chose to put myself through this.  I chose to pick up the barbell, just as I hope I pick up my cross each and every day.

Like my walk, I wanted to quit at times.  I did not want to finish the work or finish the task.  I would think to myself, who really cares…it’s just a workout.  And that is very true…it is just a workout….but it can represent something more.  It can be one day of not walking in faith…it can be one day of treating someone as if the Christ who desires to work through you, doesn’t have compassion for all.

And so I pushed on.  Trying to complete the rounds…but you know what, I wasn’t able to complete each round as prescribed.  That is to say, that I did not complete each and every round without putting the bar down.  I had to.  And through this, I was reminded that I am not perfect.  I do not always complete all the things that can and do enhance my walk, but that doesn’t mean I cannot and will not finish the race.  It does not mean that my life is worthless.  It means that I am not perfect.  It means that there is still work to be done in me.

I completed the Jesus WOD tonight and it meant…absolutely nothing!  Because my works do not guarantee anything.  It meant nothing because my faith rests in Jesus and no one else.  It does not rest in the barbell, my head, or how hard I can punish myself.  My WOD tonight meant nothing…and it meant absolutely everything.  It meant everything because I committed to do it.  It was a representation of my walk and that while it may not be perfect, you can judge me by it.  I am not afraid to put my faith out there and say judge me by my life.  It meant everything because it was, in a small way a reminder of Calvary and the cross that we are meant to all carry.