It’s So Easy a Child Can Do It…

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This past weekend my oldest was jumping in the backyard in her bounce house.  She was having a blast and laughing and calling constantly, “watch this, daddy!  Watch this!”  I naturally watched as she jumped as high as she could.  Landing on her knees and trying to bounce back into her feet.

Then after about twenty minutes, she was bored.  She asked me what she should do next.  I asked her, how’s your front roll.  So she did a front roll.

I said, “Great, now show me ten perfect front rolls”.

“Sure, but will you count, daddy?”


She started and I would say…one perfect roll, two perfect roll, three perfect roll, four….

“Daddy, was that one perfect?”

“Not quite as good as the other three, but if you want, I will count it.”

“No, no, no…I will do it again.”

And this went on.  She would roll and roll and roll.  And after ten perfect rolls, she asked me for what next.  So we worked on her candlesticks.  Again, she asked me to count but this time she told me to only count them if they are perfect.  As she progressed through the candlesticks, she started to realize what was a “perfect” rep and those that weren’t.  When the rep was not perfect she would come up laughing but say “no, no, no that one doesn’t count” and reset for another one.

It is easy to see where this is leading.  We as athletes learning our craft we must be willing to say “no,no,no with a smile and do the rep over again”.  As a group of people who desire to be better in lifting and in life, we have to be willing to say that was not right and I am going to do it again.

But do we?

Do we acknowledge the faults in our reps and not count them or do we live in a world of close enoughs and almosts?  Do we accept a half squat when we know we can accomplish the full squat?  Do we even challenge ourselves to do the best work we can do each and every day.

Like this time with my daughter, re-doing a rep is not punishment.  It doesn’t have to feel terrible and miserable.  It doesn’t mean that we failed, it means that we have a certain standard that we are trying to meet with the things that we do.  It is imperative that we hold the standard.

It’s something so simple, a child can do it.