It’s Been Too Long…Mindset Challenges

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Sorry it has been a while since I got some new content out to you.  It has been a crazy week, but a great one at that.  I spent the end of last week with my two girls…in what I call Daddy DayCare:



Putting all that aside, I have something very simple to share today.  I am working on a video blog that should be out by Friday.  It will give everyone a chance to see what drives me and hopefully help you find some drive as well.

Leading up to that, I want to ask a simple question for everyone.  What is your motto for life?  If you had to sum up all that you are in one phrase, what is it?  I guess in this day and age, describe yourself in one tweet…that’s all you get is 140 characters.

Are you in the YOLO crowd?  Are you constantly in the FML group?  At your core, who are you?  And once you know what drives you, what is stopping you from being more?  What is stopping you from finding your greatness and putting your stamp on this world.  If you are here and reading what I type, you have a drive to be something more than ordinary.

I know that because like minds, gather together.  Think about and I will see you on Friday!