It Can Always be Worse…

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On my drive in today, I was listening to someone speak about mindset and the frame of mind that we must have in order to be successful.  He made a very simple point, that in this modern day and time, everything is too easy.  We live in a day and age of instant information, instant access to whatever we need.  When I say that we don’t have to work for things, there is a limited need to physical exertion in order to accomplish a goal.

Need dinner, drive to the local grocery store or restaurant and it is there.  Need to know the answer to a question, break out the phone and look it up.  While these innovations have made life simpler, how has it affected our mindset or how easily we think we should be able to attain our goals.

So how do you approach your success?  Do you believe that it should come quickly and overnight or can you accept the idea that it takes work and that means sacrifice.  It means that today is not as bad as it might appear on the surface.  We all must accept that getting anywhere truly worth it takes work.

It can always get worse.  Things can always change, and obstacles will always be in your way.  How are you going to react to them in order to lead a more productive life?  How are you going to adapt to the little voice that says, “I’m having a bad day, so I am going to skip the gym, eat that piece of cake?”  How do you react to those things that keep you from your goals?

Bad weather?  Bad day?  It could always be worse.

What obstacles can we help you get over?