Immerse Yourself in Greatness

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We all have that dream to be better.  That is why we train.  We have something in us that makes us want to be better.  It might be a quest for better health or a journey for strength gains.  If you are like me, it was really just a quest to learn new things.  To challenge myself to see what I was capable of as I got older.

No matter what, there is a desire to be better.  I am here to say that the path to being better starts with who you surround yourself with.  Your coach and the program you are on, plays a role, but the people that you are around are the biggest piece of the puzzle.  You must train with and be around people that have surpassed where you want to be.  You learn a new language by immersing yourself in the language…the same is true in most any goal.

You must immerse yourself in a community of people that have mastered what you want to do.  You cannot simply get there by being the best in the room, you have to have someone to chase, someone to look up to and someone to get advice from.  Hopefully your coaches provide some of that, but there needs to be people in the trenches that give you this same challenge.

If you want to get stronger, work out with someone that was where you are at and has passed that…and chase them!  Keep the pressure on them to keep getting better and you stay motivated to get where they are.  Learn what they did and how you can use those tools.

Truly successful people want others to be successful as well.  People that excel in any area have knowledge they want to share to help others.  It is just a matter of asking.

So I throw this out to everyone.  If you have a goal, then start training with someone who has achieved it and ask them questions.  Tell them what you are doing and where your struggles are.  Once you get that piece, start busting your butt to get better every day.  Attack each day with a renewed mindset.  Do the little things, and do them right with passion…for yourself.