I Choose

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I choose the load…


…on the bar

My coach suggests, but I choose.  I decide what is heavy today and what is fast.  I choose what my 100% effort looks like and I give it, accepting or rejecting the challenge of the bar today.  It might be the challenge of the pull-up bar and lifting myself up.

It might be the struggle of the barbell and choosing to lift my challenges and carry them.   The bar might be loaded heavier than I have ever lifted before and it might not budge against my best efforts, but I still get to choose to try.

And I might have to take some weight off because I know if I am going to succeed today, I’m not lifting as much as I can on my best day.

I choose what I can give, and I choose what I can take.


…on my shoulders

I am surrounded by noise.  Some of the noise is good, strong, and powerful.  Some of the noise is loud, obnoxious, and debilitating.  I read the stories about people doing amazing things, legends passing away and people proving hate is alive and well.

I read the stories about people getting stronger, kicking life and mediocrity in the face.  And I read about those that accept their fate as victims.

Their stories remind me I am the author of my own story.  I choose strength or I choose weakness.  I choose guarded and reserved or I choose to let people in.  If you do not like my story…I have the right to tell it just the same.

And so I choose how much of life is going to weigh me down.  My reactions, I choose those too.  It is my load and I get to decide if I am going to add to it or drop some of it for a little bit.

I make the decision to wallow in the hatred of another, get caught up in the hurting, or make a difference.  I choose when I am in a position to accept defeat or if nothing is going to beat me today.

It might be possible for me to carry some of your burden, your pain, your struggle, and I might not.  But I choose the weight that goes on my shoulders because I am strong enough to know when I can take on more and wise enough to know when I cannot.

Life and lifting, lifting and life…I choose the load…