Helping Success Along…

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In the last post, I talked about the concept of deferred gratification (read it here.)  How can I help that process along, aside from pulling my hair out or kicking the desk until I have reached the goal.

It really comes down to setting ourselves up for success.  In that regard we have two choices.  We can either try to rely on willpower to change us, or we can start turning the object we want into the path of least resistance.  If we want success, then we have to stop making all the things that hinder that success easier than success.

This means that we have to take the steps necessary to make our goals into more than steps, but full fledged habits.  How do we do this?

For getting through a change in our nutrition, we have to clean out the pantry and fridge of things that stop of from reaching our goals.  It has to be easier to eat healthy than it is to eat for convenience.  You must take the approach mentioned in the previous post about out of site-out of mind seriously.  It might actually mean finding different roads to travel down, so that you do not feel the urge to stop into your favorite fast food (or in my case coffee shop).

When it comes to making sure you get your training in, you put your gym bag in the car and if possible you change into your workout clothes before you leave the office or you pack your work clothes in a gym bag with workout clothes on top if you are a early morning workout junkie.  If possible your path home after work needs to go by the gym so that it is easier to stop than it is to keep on going home…no matter how tired you are.

Willpower will give out and it will fail.  Trust me, I know…I have been working for years on trying to change my morning routine.  Willpower alone will not get you there, you have to find a way to make the path to success more appealing than the path of comfort that you now know.

Some other examples people have done is rearrange the fridge so the healthy foods are easily accessible and at eye level.  Same thing with pantries.  Others have rearranged the living room so that working out is more appealing that watching tv (they also have taken the batteries out of their tv remote and put those in an inconvenient place) again so that being active is more appealing than hunting and climbing to get the batteries.

I want you to succeed.  So I encourage you to start setting up your path to success so that it looks more appealing that the path you have been on.

Let’s start developing some new patterns together!