Grain Brain By Dr. Perlmutter – Book Review

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grain brain


It has been a while since I have put up a book review on the blog, so today is as good as any.  I am still on pace to hit reading a book a week, but I will admit that I have slacked a little on reporting on them.  If you are someone that is wanting to know more about why the current standards set out by the US government are off, than this book is a pretty decent starting point.  If you don’t mind a little science, then this is well worth your time and energy.  If you are not a huge reader, but still want the information, then get it on itunes or audible.  Pretty simple solutions.

The biggest thing that I can encourage people to take away from reading anything that has to do with nutrition or leading a healthy life is for you to be open to new ideas.  I appreciate this book because it emphasizes that point that fats are healthy.  That fats do not make you fat!  It talks about the importance of cholesterol in your diet as well as how the body reacts to sugar and gluten.

There has been more and more growing research to support the idea that gluten sensitivity is a very real problem and is a root cause to more than know.  I also appreciate that the author has a desire to find root causes for treatment and not focus on the symptoms.  Whether you choose to try a gluten free diet or not, one thing to remember is that we all must have an open mind to new research that is coming out.  We need to find a way to eat that helps us feel and perform our best.

For me personally, I will be working hard to get off of gluten and see how it affects some of the things that ail me, such as allergies as well as putting into effect some of his recommendations on supplements (Vitamin D, tumeric, and Omega 3) into my daily habits and see how it affects my focus among other things.

I enjoyed this book as it made me think a little more about what is going on with my body based on what I eat.  When you look at things from the perspective of this affecting my ability to think clearly and perform my job to the best of my abilities, things can become a little more real.  Many of us, can eat poorly and handle not feeling well or having an upset stomach.  When we start to think about it really affecting our performance…it can instigate change!

Until we meet again…tell me what you are currently reading and learning!