Goal Prep Wrap-up

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We are approaching the end of this years look at goal setting and prepping for the new year.  If you have not done so, take a minute and read part I and part II of this series.  After reading and putting the steps into practice, you should have a nice new goals journal with a few pages filled and a refined set of goals for the near, long and in between terms.  There really is only one step left before you go out and actually attack those goals.

Make a plan for success for each goal

Of all the steps this will be the most critical for you to actually achieve your goals.  Look at each of the goals that you have and put down the actionable steps that you need to be successful.  For some of the goals, it might be as simple as going to a website and filling out a form or putting a note up on Social Media about what you are looking for.  Other goals will have several larger steps that need to be broken down.

What I am saying is nothing new, and most people just need to hear it again or be reminded.  The trick that I would add to the equation is to add in steps for if you fail at some point.  Decide what you are going to do or how you are going to handle rough spots now.  If one of your goals is to clean up your diet, how are you going to build in points to diverge?  How are you going to handle ice cream movie nights?  Build in a plan, that allows you freedom to stumble, so that you do not feel that you have failed.

A simple but effective example that I have seen, using diet as an example, is that there are no rules on special occasions.  If invited and attending a wedding or other special event, those are the nights that you can enjoy whatever you want.  Sorry, but a simple date night, usually does not count.  But having a plan sets you up for more success that just trying to will your way to victory.

So there you have it, the beginning of your goal journal has some writing on it is started.  Now you have all the pages left in the journal for your journey.  Use those pages for whatever you want to as you travel down your path.  Write about your successes and your struggles.  Track your progress, write what inspires you.  Share with yourself what works for you and what doesn’t.  No matter how many of the goals you cross off the list you started with, you will learn about yourself and that will set you up for success for far longer than just one year!