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I have to get this off my chest…I do.  I HATE all things “Get X Quick”…I do.  I am tired of every time I turn around seeing some advertisement that tells me I can get 6 pack abs…quick. Or seeing an ad telling me that I can lose weight fast.

There is no such thing.  They are like a unicorn.  Something that people might chase after and chase after but never catch.  You will spend a fortune in money and time trying out these products just to be disappointed by the results (or lack thereof).

I have a novel idea for everyone out there that wants to achieve success – put in the work!  Work hard, and you can and will be successful.  It is not something that happens quick, but it is something that is easy to start.  It is easy to understand.  Hard work leads to success far more often than wishing and hoping.

There is NO such thing as an overnight success.  Someone might burst onto the scene from out of nowhere, but that person put in work to get there.  They just have been unknown to the general population.  Put in the work and work hard.  And trust me the things that you want in life, in fitness, in any endeavor is worth the work in the end.

Want to get fit…get up, put the sugar down and work!  Want to be successful in your job…stop complaining and work.  Work hard at that.  Don’t do it for your boss, or your company…work hard for you.  People are watching and success will come when you are willing to be the best that you can be simply because that is what you desire out of your life.

As a coach, husband, and parent, I depend on my paycheck, BUT my values are what drive me.  I want people to know that they are working with a coach that is about more than money.  I want my wife and daughters to be able to look at their husband/dad and recognize that he worked hard because he believes in hard work.  I believe that hard work pays off in the end.  And sometimes that does not include a single pound lost, dollar earned or ab discovered.  But I can sleep at night.

So please…for me, put in the work.  Don’t give in to the gimmicks that are out there.  Make yourself better by making the sacrifice to find your inner strength.  Make the hard decisions to not be lazy and put in the work.  You might just be surprised at how far you will go!

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