Fired Up! Just WORK!

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I am a little fired up today.  People need to work.  Not complain.  It really is simple, get to work.  Start!

You don’t need all the fancy equipment.  You don’t need the latest and greatest supplement stack or elite bar.  You need to get up and start working.

You have your body…literally start using it to get things done.  Run! Sprint!  Pushup, situp, squat, find a tree limb and get in some pull-ups.  Google bodyweight training and start a program that requires nothing but your own body.

Strength training…find some rocks to lift, some tires to flip.  Whatever you want.  But stop with the excuses!

Get started now!

The same holds true in life.  Get to work!  Stop thinking you deserve anything more than what you have in front of you.  If the tools you have allow you to complete your job, then you have all that you need.  This world has become about needing the right environment to get stuff done.  Any environment is the right environment when you decide to get to work and accomplish something.

You do not need the fanciest laptop or computer, you need one that allows you to complete your task.  Speakers…not necessary!

Decide today, right now, that you are going to be different and that you are just going to get [email protected]#$ done.  No matter what is in your way, get it done!  At least get started.

No more excuses…time to work!

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    I found this today and love where this guy is coming from and where his head is at. Now is the time to get things done, now is the time to start working for your goals. No more excuses, no more reasons, no more obstacles standing in your way. You have one body, the greatest machine ever designed and that machine my friend, needs to be run, stretched, moved, twisted, turned, exercised, jumped, skipped and used however and whenever possible. Your body weight is the best tool for any great workout.

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