Find Your Passion, Embrace the Mundane…

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This post is a mix of everything out there.  You will have to apply it however you want to, to whatever item in your life you need to.  It might be your training, it might be your business, it can be anything, but it will affect how you approach your day-to-day tasks.

It is easy to get out of bed on Christmas, our birthday, the first day of school (for some or most).  It is easy to get excited on the first day of our job and the last day before we retire (I am guessing).  It is easy to put in the work when our motivation is high or when success keeps on rolling in.  It is easy when we know that we are in our element and are doing the good that we want to do.

But what about when we look up and realize that today is just another day at the office.  We may be doing what we love, but the motivation is just not there or maybe we hit that dry spell where everything we try seems to come up snake eyes.  We throw idea after idea after idea at the wall but nothing seems to stick.  What do we do then?

We must find a way to embrace the mundane.  We must see them as an obstacle, or something to get through in order to reach our bigger goal.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are far more mundane days that all look the same, than there are days where we jump out of bed on a motivational high…unless we learn to embrace the day to day and see them as the obstacles that we must overcome in order to achieve success.


It is not always going to be a huge paycheck, but you define it.  Make the mundane tasks, small opportunities to be successful.  If you replying to 50 emails, gets you closer to a major sponsor for your event or your business, then find excitement in each one.  Pour yourself into those 50 emails and try to make each contact see who you are and how you can help them as much as they can help you.

Maybe success to you is helping one person to lose 30 pounds.  They are your success story and you must find joy as they work through and only change one piece of their diet a month, and only show up to work out with you when you send them a text message a day.  Start to see the sending of the text message as your small success.

Every once in a while, let go of the forest and focus on each tree.  It is always good to see the big picture, but there is also beauty and majesty and awe in each and every tree.

In order for all of us to remain riding the highs of our passions, we have to find success and embrace the mundane steps it takes to get there.

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