Faith Workout – What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

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There has been a lot going on recently in the United States that has left me pondering and pontificating on the very question proposed:

What does it mean to be a Christian?

I find myself scouring the passages of Scripture, praying in my alone moments and wondering what should a Christian look like to their family, friends, and Christ Himself?  And is that what the church currently looks like?

Do we have the correct posture in the world today?  Do we reflect Christ to the world or do we reflect a society hell bent on being right?

If we take the words and life of Christ as seriously as we say we do, are we a reflection of His light or are we collectively adding to the darkness that is being displayed?

Are we Christ, loving the women caught in adultery (while asking her to sin no more), or are we the mob, holding stones to be thrown?

Are we Christ, loving the lost, sick, needy, and clinging to faith that He will be enough to cure our ailments, or are we the Pharisees, demonstrating all that we know while missing the Savior standing before us?

I cannot answer these questions, as I watch and hear everyone shout loudly about standing up for our Christian beliefs, and I do not see people living out anything that I can call genuinely of Christ.

As a believer, we are called to hold our brothers and sisters in Christ to the standards that Christ has demonstrated.  We are to resist sin, be in the world but not of it, love our neighbor, and put nothing ahead of Christ.

But I missed the part where Christ talked about the world bending and bowing to our wants.  I missed where Christ said that we were going to be a political party and that our ways would be the world’s ways.

So as we debate whether or not to shop at Target, judge the choices and lifestyles of others, I ponder the question again:

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Is there a way for us, as the Church, to love our brothers and sisters even when we don’t agree with their choices and lifestyles?

Is there a way to break away from the methods and madness of the world and start from a position of compassion for the afflicted and desperate?

Can the love of Christ bring healing through us or is the noise we are making with our mouths just too much for the whisper of Christ in our hearts?