Exhale – What Just Happened?

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It’s Over.  The bar is back on the ground resting.  You gave it your all and what?  Do you have a new personal best?  Did you ring the bell?  What happens next?

Just breathe.  Exhale. Process.

What just happened?  You fought the battle with the bar, your inner demons and now you are here.  Maybe you stood up victorious with a new personal best, or maybe you came up a little short.  You ended up sitting on your butt with the barbell bouncing away from you as you were forced to bail.

Just breathe. Exhale.  Process.

What can you learn from this moment?  Even if you missed the lift, did not get the contract for your business, lost your cool in the grocery store with everyone watching, what is the lesson in the moment.  You took your shot and now, you learn.  You learn the lessons about yourself and you grow.  You take a smaller step, but you still grow.

You must always remember that you picked the bar up, you took your shot and whether you succeeded or failed, you are changed by doing so.  Whether you succeeded or failed, you know that there will be a next time and another attempt.  You feel in your soul what you would change to be successful and you have changed your defeated mindset.

You are now seeking out the next opportunity to pick up the bar and set a new record.  You are making the changes necessary to accept and welcome success.  You not afraid of the weight on the bar anymore.  You are not afraid of new challenges and you approach them with a renewed spirit and vigor.

You have changed, even if only by the smallest of margins.  You have grown.  You have changed and you have earned the right to be proud of that change.  Success or failure you fought the fight.  You took the ride and you are here.

Stand tall, stand proud, and embrace the growth!


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    • gdeitz
      gdeitz says:

      Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. I have enjoyed trying to get more writing out and trying to craft a mini-series of posts this week. Thanks for stopping in. I look forward to continuing to follow you and your blog.

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