Embrace the Quiet…Embrace the Struggle

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Yesterday I had a solo lifting session.  I took advantage of the quiet and the stillness.  It was just me and the barbell.

I turned off the noise inside my head and turned off the noise in the gym.  No loud music to make me “go hard or go home”.  I turned up the self-awareness for each movement.  Instead of having to block out the noise, I just eliminated it so that I was the only thing driving myself.

How often do you do this when you train?

How often do you focus and make every lift about the lift?  Feeling out your own mistakes or taking the time needed to get your mind right to feel that PR come?

In the silence a scream to get out of the hole of your squat shakes the walls and the cobwebs from your mind.  You scream fighting gravity and throwing off anything that is weighing you down in the moment.

Every once in a while, embrace the quiet, embrace the struggle and come out stronger on the other side.