Don’t Lose the Song in the Production

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Last night, my wife and I were watching a movie.  There was a scene in the movie where two musicians were comparing their new albums and receiving feedback.  During the exchange, one of them wanted honest, real, possibly harsh feedback based on the reaction of the other artist (the fact that the two had previously been in a relationship probably did not help the situation) but she delivered this line:

I think your song got lost in the production

That thought resonated with me.  I grabbed my phone and made a little note with just those words.  It was a thought for this very post and a look at life and business all rolled into one.

In the movie they went on to briefly discuss that notion that sometimes you do not need all the bells and whistles to make something great.  There are times when what you need the most is just the simplicity of the lyrics and it really is in the delivery.

I think that the same holds true for each one of us, on a personal level.  We must constantly remain true to who we are.  We cannot try to be “larger than life” just because we think that is what someone else thinks we need to be.  We are not a production.  We are who we are.  We do not need to change that for people to like us, follow us, or be around us.  We can never let who we are get lost in trying to please someone else or be someone that is untrue to our core.

Don’t let your song get lost in the production we call life.  It is not a fake it until you make it lifestyle.  It is a lifestyle of I am me…I might be flawed, imperfect, but I am me.  The more and more that we let our true song come out, the more and more we will find that right people coming into our lives and wanting to be a part of that.  The more we will be able to have people we trust talk to us about areas we need to grow and improve, but we will be open to it and accept it because we know that they genuinely care and are not trying to manipulate us into some image they want us to be.

The same holds true for any business.  It must always remain true to itself.  It is not about keeping up with every other business in the same market.  If the business tries to be bigger and have more than the next guy, but all that (as Winnie the Pooh would say) stuff and fluff is not true to the core values of the business, those things will fail.  If you keep adding features and new programs but they drown out what is truly important to you, you will lose.

There is beauty in simplicity.  There is beauty in your story that people need to hear and know that it is 100% you.

So I leave you with the following question:

What can you do, to make sure you do not lose your song in the production?